6-21-2024 Fishing Report

Devils Lake Fishing Reports

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It just keeps raining in the Devils Lake Basin! The colder weather and rain has made for some interesting days on the water this week. We have also had our fair share of wind this year. Hopefully we can snap out of this pattern and get on to a nice summer. As for the fishing it has been a little hit or miss. I’m guessing it is because of our constantly changing weather. The 10 forecast looks to be much better with a few days in the 80s. Something we have hardly seen this summer. Water temps are in the low to mid 60s depending on the day. A little colder than we usually see this time of year. We have seen very little algae growth. 

We are still using the same basic program this week. Bobbers and leeches mostly. Bottom bouncers and spinners are starting to produce a few fish, but it has been a little inconsistent so far this summer. I’m thinking this will change very soon. That tactic should only get better in the coming days. Trolling crankbaits still hasn’t been done much. A few reports of some guys doing well and some striking out with it. Look for brush, rocks, and mud flats. The mud flats can be a little tougher to fish just because the amount of water that might need to be covered. We have had another bug hatch this week and are seeing bugs and shrimp in the walleye’s stomachs. 

White bass are biting well when they can be found. Seems like we are having to cover a bit of water to locate the schools of them but when they are found they do bite well. Mimic Minnows, Hair jigs, X Raps, and Hit sticks have been the hot baits for them lately. 

Pike are still harder to find. We are starting to see a few slide out a bit deeper. Casting the shallows remains the best way to fish them. The size of the pike is down this year. There is a strong year class of smaller pike coming up in the next few years. 

The bite should continue to get better as the water temp continues to rise. By saying that I feel like I am writing an end of May fishing report instead of an end of June report. It is what it is and there is still plenty of fish to be caught. They just might take a bit more work than we are accustomed to this time of year. 

On the bright side we have had a steady supply of Leeches this year. These are lake run leeches and the size changes with each order. For the most part they are a good mix of smaller to jumbo size. Personally, I prefer the smaller to medium size. Fathead minnows in stock, nightcrawlers, and a few different frozen baits. 

Good luck to everyone coming fishing this week! Head to Eds!